The Opt Team works tirelessly with our sellers to understand their goals.

We work collaboratively with our sellers to help them price their home optimally and help them negotiate the best possible price.
We realize we are helping you sell something substantial, and everything we do is focused on your needs.

1. Consultative Approach

“What will it take to sell my home in Lake Oswego, OR?” We work hard to understand your needs by asking the right, time-tested questions before we list your home. This allows us to match timeline and price with your goals.

2. True to the Process

With us, you won’t find a rushed approach to selling your home. This happens at your pace.

3. Communication

We work tirelessly to communicate throughout the process. This includes pricing your home, negotiating offers, going through inspections, and deciding on the right offer for you. Transparency and timely communication are our guiding principals.

4. The Art of Negotiation

Once we’ve found the right buyer for your home we’ll work with you to negotiate the best price and situation for your home sale. Having put the time in to familiarize ourselves with your goals and needs, we’ll be able to to represent you at the highest level.

5. Careful Advisement & Guidance

Our job doesn’t stop after the offer is accepted. Once we have the best possible offer accepted, our next priority is to help you navigate the process from working with the title company to any other vendors we may need to engage.


Opt for Excellence.

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