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Street of Dreams 2018

deeproot October 9, 2018

Real Estate

Street of Dreams 2018

The NW Natural Street of Dreams is a long-running, annual summer showcase of some of the most acclaimed and experienced builders in the region to both guide and inspire anyone looking to build a home, buy a home, or remodel their current home. Each featured home reflects its builder’s unique vision and shows off the latest trends and offerings in residential construction. This month-long event is a curation of beautiful, fully furnished houses that are diverse in style but not in quality––they’re dream homes.

These expertly designed and decorated houses show current and prospective homeowners the potential of what’s truly possible when they decide to make their home in the Northwest. Street of Dreams features an impressive roster of visionary builders practiced in aesthetics, logistics, and unmatched care for their clients.

Family-owned and operated Westlake Development has been building custom homes throughout the Pacific Northwest for almost 30 years. Owner Gerald Rowlett, his wife Sue and daughter Kelly understand what families need in a home, and they bring that family-oriented spirit into the design and execution of their 2018 Street of Dreams home Fairway Manor. It’s a seamless melding of classic and contemporary, giving the home’s old-world feel a modern, spacious polish with family in mind.

Taking a decidedly more contemporary approach, Suteki designs homes with health, wellness, and sustainability at the core of every concept. Group CEO Koichiro Hirata dedicates himself and his company to “building trust, building dreams, and building the future.” Their 2018 featured home Harmony combines both Northwest and Japanese-inspired cross-cultural design to create a calming and inviting space expertly accented with wood and stone.

Anlon Custom Homes is an all-service, family-owned company, a one-stop for both design and construction, defining themselves as a “family building custom homes for families.” Along with their personable and comforting approach, they design and build with both luxury and functionality in mind. Their 2018 entry Hearth and Home strikes the delicate balance between the luxurious and inviting, featuring thoughtful custom touches including a butler’s pantry in the kitchen and a coffee bar in the master bedroom.

Another builder with a modern aesthetic, BC Custom Construction utilizes over 35 years experience in construction to provide clients with tried and true expertise while keeping current with trends in design. Their 2018 entry Private Reserve invokes that much sought-after and not easily accomplished modern feel, its impressive interior boasting windows from floor to ceiling and a subtle and unifying natural color scheme.

Building homes for over 17 years and owned by a third-generation builder, Legacy Built Custom Homes also shares their years of experience with their clients, proving with their modern and understated beauty Graceview that they bring equally impressive design expertise to their established homebuilding business. The versatility and aesthetic touches show off their talent for modernizing tradition. It’s a culmination of rustic and contemporary, using the timeless influence of the popular farmhouse and gently guiding it into 2018 and beyond, cleverly combing open-concept layouts and a stark color scheme that invites families to make it their own.

Yet another group of experienced and professional builders, Pahlisch Homes started in 1983 and continues to build gorgeous homes that reflect modern trends, resulting in the impressively executed Serenity. The interior expands into airy open living and dining areas, pulling out all the stops to create a spacious, stunning family home and continuing this trend of experience effectively informing contemporary design.

The outstanding homes featured at Street of Dreams 2018 are not only achievements in residential design; they’re a collective benefit to homeowners and aspiring homeowners alike, showing the region’s practiced and endlessly creative builders remain influential in bringing so many to the Northwest in search of homes they’ll enjoy for a lifetime.

What do you think about this year’s collection of homes? Do you have a favorite?

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