How to Sell Your Home During Quarantine

deeproot March 24, 2020

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How to Sell Your Home During Quarantine

Can you still sell a home during the coronavirus quarantine?

There is an understandable safety concern when it comes to the day-to-day process of selling or purchasing a home. This is a new era! Common real estate activities like open houses, buyer showings, and in-person meetings are now being brought into question. So how can you sell your home during quarantine?

Listings including 3D Matterport tours experience 31% fewer days on market and 9% higher sales price on average…

Have no fear! With the use of modern technology, we are capable of providing home buyers with more than enough resources to capture their attention. Here is how we can get creative and employ techniques that will get your home sold.

Using modern 3D tour technology to showcase your home – without contact. 

While buyers may be hesitant to spend time on physical home tours, they will turn to digital resources in order to find their next home. With the use of modern 3D tours, we can display your home online in a very accessible format. A Zillow-optimizing digital walkthrough offers prospective buyers a comprehensive and detailed look into the layout and features of your home. At The Drew Coleman Team, we include TWO separate 3D tours for our seller clients in addition to professional photos and cinematic video.


Matterport 3D Tour

Since their release in 2011, Matterport 3D cameras have been shown to bring extra value to homeowners looking to sell. Inman reports that listings including Matterport tours experience 31% fewer days on market and 9% higher sales price on average, compared with listings that do not. And that was BEFORE the shelter-in-place orders. Our team was the first in Oregon to offer this technology.

virtual 3D Matterport tour

Zillow 3D Tour

The Zillow 3D tour is made with a special 360-degree camera that captures each room of your home. This tool is specifically designed to be showcased on Zillow, one of the most popular websites that homebuyers turn to when browsing homes. Zillow algorithms view this technology favorably, causing your property to stand out among other competing properties.

zillow 3D tour is key to selling your home during quarantine

Cinematic Video

That’s not the only way we catch Zillow’s eye. The second strategy we employ is to include a short and sweet, yet incredibly powerful cinematic video of the property. By adding this video to each Zillow listing, along with targeted dispersal across the web and social media, we add yet another effective focal point for buyers to view (and obsess on) from the safety of their own home. View any one of our current listings for a complete look. It’s pretty eye-catching!

real estate cinematic property video    real estate tour videos are even more useful during quarantine


In each of these digital touchpoints, would-be buyers can navigate through a home on their mobile device or computer. This very closely simulates an in-person walk-through. It particularly helps the buyer to see the interior space in a broader context, as rooms and features can be seen relative to adjacent space. You can bet that capability will prove more and more valuable.


To view examples of these tours, visit the following links:

Matterport 3D Example

Zillow 3D Example

Cinematic Video Examples


High-End Photography and Video

You’ve got to reach buyers where they are. While professional imagery of your home was already a critical element of your property’s listing, it is now more important than ever to make sure your home shines online. Photos and video will be the primary point of focus for potential buyers when browsing for a home. With this in mind, you should regard best-in-class photographers a must to ensure your media package stands out in the market.


The bottom line? Home buyers and sellers can still experience a smooth transaction while also maintaining health and safety for the public. And the good news? Our real estate team was using these methods well before the current situation. That readiness has freed us to adapt quickly to the other changes compelled by the current pandemic. If you are looking to buy or sell, reach out to us. We’d love to chat about how we can help you to sell your home during quarantine – or in any market condition.

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