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Design Consults Done Right

deeproot January 17, 2018

Real Estate

Design Consults Done Right

Sharyl Ashley of Creative Design Solutions

Sharyl Ashley, Design Consultant

Sharyl Ashley

Having your home designed effectively when it hits the market is a low-cost way to ensure a top dollar offer price.

Making your house the prettiest property in the neighborhood is also a huge help in beating out the competition when it comes to halting the attention of potential buyers taking their first glances at dozens of homes.

However, it should be noted that selling your home requires you to somehow be a magician/ninja hybrid to master everything that goes into this complicated transaction. Because of this, it can be difficult to find time to step back, analyze, and optimize the aesthetic composition of every detail in every room of your soon-to-be former home.

With that in mind, allow us to introduce Sharyl Ashley, interior designer, owner of Creative Design Solutions and our go-to designer for all home staging needs.

Sharyl offers a long track record of excellence in residential, commercial, and healthcare design. Over the years she has honed her skills on projects of all sizes, from completely designing the interior for a newly constructed $7.4 million dollar assisted living facility to simple two hour paint consultations for residential clients. If you would like a professional consultation for preparing your home for market, Sharyl offers an efficient and comprehensive analysis.

The process – getting your house ready for the market

2007 Fields Dr.

Listed Dec. 2017 | Sold in 13 days

Sharyl begins each residential project by meeting with the homeowners for an initial consultation. She goes through the home, discussing the changes that she feels will better showcase both the home and property. Sharyl’s strategy is to use what the homeowner already has in the home, composing each room to highlight architectural features and draw attention to the most desirable assets of the property.

If changes do need to be made, Sharyl assists clients by suggesting lighting, paint colors, flooring, counters and any other elements that might need updating or replacing.

Once the consultation phase is completed, Sharyl follows up with a detailed report listing recommended changes for each room. We love using her because she keeps the proper perspective; her goal is to effectively and efficiently stage the home both in terms of aesthetic and monetary value. We’ve included a sample below. You can download an example report here.

Design Report

Click image for sample report.

 A passion for design

portland luxury home

Listed Nov. 2017 | Sold in 14 days

Sharyl’s love for interior design began when she was a child, finding great joy by arranging and rearranging her room into ideal compositions. She received a degree in applied science in interior design in 2002 and never looked back.

Not only does Sharyl takes great pride in her work, maintaining a meticulous eye for detail – she helps people get their homes ready for market while ensuring they get the most value out of their project budget is one of her greatest joys. Her love for design shows in her work and in a long and growing list of happy past clients.

We highly recommend contacting Sharyl for a consultation in preparing your home for the real estate market. She will provide an honest and expert assessment that is certain to help increase the value of your home once listed.

Contact info:

Sharyl Ashley,

NWSID Professional Member

(503) 307 – 4474

Excellence from concept to completion”


Reviews from Sharyl’s past clients

“Sharyl is a hard working, dedicated and caring person who gives 110% to everything she does. She is driven by a passion for what she does and a unique commitment to the cause. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Sharyl again and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a hard working, talented, humble and honest designer who works well with others.”

  • Ed Sloop, Project Manager at Walsh Construction Co.


“Thank you so much for meeting with me today. I really appreciate how you use your expertise to provide helpful recommendations to assist me in preparing my home for sale and maximizing the potential sales price.”

  • Barb


“We so appreciated you making this appointment so easy for us. We had heard a few staging stories so we were just a little nervous about how this meeting would go. Thank you again for all your compliments and kind words about our home and decor.”

  • Joanne and Len

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