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Meeting a Titan: Barbara Corcoran

deeproot March 19, 2018

Real Estate

Meeting a Titan: Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran, entrepreneur extraordinaire.

Team with Barbara Corcoran

We don’t use the word ‘titan’ lightly; Barbara is a serious bada**. Frank, funny, and unapologetically direct, she has the singular ability to tell it like it is in a bold, yet warm and endearing way: a carnivorous negotiator who could eat you for breakfast and simultaneously charm your socks off.

This “uppity” woman from New Jersey moved to New York City, started a real estate business, grew it into an empire, and ultimately sold it for a cool $66 million.

But that was just one chapter of her life. After that sale, she switched gears from NYC to Hollywood and is now a beloved star on ABC’s Shark Tank, where she’s helped scores of entrepreneurs realize their dreams. Of course, she’s garnered other accomplishments along the way – too many to list here! Check out her website.

Drew and the Masters Circle leadership of Portland Association of Realtors invited Barbara last week to share her story and shrewd business sense with 400 fellow agents. Hearing a first-hand account of her wild ride through life and business, absorbing her stories of creative problem solving in the face of adversity, and spending some time picking her brain were inspiring for this real estate team. Barbara is the kind of person who’s won a lot of hard-earned wisdom, and her optimism and candor are an example for anyone. Check out the video below to see what we mean.

She’s also a master of charm…as you can see here:

We’d highly recommend you pick up one of her books, and if you get a chance to hear her speak…TAKE IT!

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