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Portland – A Fresh Perspective

deeproot November 19, 2018

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Portland – A Fresh Perspective

There’s something to be said for a change of scenery…

Especially after more than 20 years living between Kansas and Missouri. Moving to a new city gives you months’ worth of opportunities to answer the question, “What brought you here?” For the dozens of times I’ve answered, I’m certain it could be distilled down to “I like it here” and “It’s extremely chill, and good.”

It’s not substantive or satisfying to the person who asked, but it’s true. And after months of living here, it’s clear what makes Portland a perfect place to call home.

There are perks, like seeing the fog roll into the city on the drive to work, but the best parts of Portland make you feel as though you’ve lived here forever––or at least you should have.

Moving to Portland in the hottest months of the year, when it’s arguably too hot to think thoughts, much less say them out loud, won’t make you appreciate the climate until the leaves change. Settling into the crisp, gorgeous fall months, you’re reminded of why so many people call this home. This city evokes a sense of comfort that’s somehow familiar and refreshingly new at the same time.

portland drone photography

Fall in the Northwest is a dream come true, and if you love cloud cover and rain, cool temperatures and so many pretty trees, it’s hard to do better. The vibrant colors of the leaves against the overcast skies, the misty mornings and fog rolling down the hills and into the city––it all culminates in an atmosphere not easily replicated.

Settled on the Willamette River with a view of rolling hills and valleys covered in trees, probably the most striking difference in Portland vs. Kansas and Missouri is the stunning nature near and throughout the city––including, as you know, the Pacific ocean. A drive in literally any direction offers some breathtaking sights, and a short drive west brings you to the coast. Drive east, and you’re at the base of Mount Hood. The beauty of the surrounding woods, mountains, rivers and lakes, and the convenience of being within a drive of it all can’t be overstated. It’s awe inspiring on a daily basis. 

As tempting as it is though, you can’t just go live in the woods.

Fortunately Portland is a diverse and good-sized city that invites both exploration and recreation. There’s a general buzz and excitement around the city; people have an overwhelming spirit of community and civic pride. It’s rich in culture and encourages creativity. People are excited to live here and even more excited to tell you why. There’s an overwhelming sense of belonging and inclusion, as well as an abundance of opportunities.

Portland and its surroundings create a beautiful melding of lush nature and a bustling city. It’s not only an ideal place for a home; it’s a uniquely serene and growing city steeped in culture and art. You may move to Portland because you fall in love after visiting, but before too long you’ll wonder why you weren’t here sooner.

josh dreiling

Josh Dreiling is new in town, and to the team.


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